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ignite your inner wisdom 


Whether you’re newly entering the sector or have been in the game for some time and feeling in need of some TLC, the whole-being program will support you to be better equipped to do good, be well and live in the now. The program incorporates a combination of key elements tried and tested fundamental to holistic wellbeing, restorative and contemplative practices, informed evidence-based theory and experiential practices and skills building. Such approaches will provide you with a grounded foundation to be better equipped to navigate amidst work and lifestyle challenges. 


The Whole-Being Resilience in AidTM program is designed for individuals working in humanItarian, development and community organisations that want to rediscover their inner human essence, explore possibilities to cultivate transformative change and learn how to gain greater clarity and interconnectedness with their mind + body + spirit.
As Maya Angelou says ‘If you get, give, if you learn, teach’. Having received and learnt life affirming teachings throughout my life, I would love to be able to work with and support you on your journey.



8 private sessions (virtual) - over 4-6 months

When was the last time you carved out time just for yourself? Time to purely focus on opening up your heart to the practice of self-care and rediscovering your inner radiance, to live a life that aligns with your emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual state of being. With no stone left unturned you will be supported on a whole-being journey peeling back the various layers of your life.


Together we will craft an authentic roadmap that will allow you to better navigate the inner and outer dimensions of life. In between sessions you will have opportunity to cultivate this new direction through weaving in practices that will offer an opening to a deeper sense of connection and transformative change.



During the course of the program we will focus on exploring key areas such as;




setting the stage by grounding with intention, reconnecting with meaning and purpose 


seeing and surrender 

meeting yourself where you are now to navigate better through the personal and professional divides of your aid worker journey


ignite and cultivate

crafting and cultivating authentic self-care practice that aligns the mind, body and spirit


manifest and transform

crafting your unique approach to living, that harnesses and strengthens your whole-being resilience



Giving back is embodided within The Healthy Nomad's DNA. Our goal is to not only support you in your journey in life, but also to ensure that as humanity we all have the power to do good, be well and live a life we love. We believe that education has the power to transform greater conciousness and ignite personal and social action for change that empowers us as humanity to live wholeheartedly.


We are honoured to be a proud partner of the Diaspora Action Australia, so when you invest in your journey you are also contributing to the ripple effect of social change by being connected to a humanity-centred movement!


You can learn more about the Diaspora Action Australia and how we give back here. 




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