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powered by weaving threads of connection


Human-centred community connection harnessed by purpose, is one our most precious gems in life. There is no greater magnetic force than the movement of humanity driven from the inside-out in solidarity for the preservation of human dignity.


The Healthy Nomad is powered by the belief of fostering authentic relationships that connect community through the unique expression of creative and innovative platforms.


Valuing real conversations that ignite consciousness, is where mindsets are truly free to explore and where self-awareness, social awareness and transformative change is amplified in how we view our lives and the world around us. 




            inspire divine contentment and soulful living 


How we chose to live our lives, really does influence the how we grow, who we become and the direction our story will go.


The Healthy Nomad is inspired by the belief that you can do good, be well and live a life you love while in the service of humanity. True service values whole, human-centred connection, looking out beyond the periphery of the role you carry out with purpose, to embrace your whole creative expression of being human. It also harnesses the scared art of self-care, which is an essential accountability to oneself.


Valuing the interconnected union of the mind, body and spirit through self-inquiry and somatic connection provides a framework for which self-expression and self-awareness can coexist, and where inner knowing can thrive transforming ourselves and the world around us.  



            embracing the union of your authentic self
            dedicated to collective creativity and innovation


Honouring our authentic journey in the service of humanity, requires meeting ourselves with self-compassion and an open heart. Showing up in the moment of life, fully embracing it in all its forms, its shining light and shades of darkness is an unavoidable, yet deeply beautiful expression of being human.


Trusting in the journey of life, embodying patience and kindness with our inner knowing, will always bring us home to our authentic self we always knew we were.



Pushing boundaries beyond the edge of the periphery, facing fear with curiosity to live fearlessly real, is where the the seeds of creativity and innovation thrives. The Healthy Nomad is committed to the exploration of boundless possibilities that await to be revealed beyond the horizon with like-minded collaborative partners, to ignite transformative change in ourselves and the world around us.

committed to conscious positive, sustainable action


Being socially connected to conscious positive, grassroots sustainable action, that promotes equity and makes a difference in the world is deeply rooted in The Healthy Nomad's philosophy. Each for-profit service is linked to supporting a non-for-profit social initiative that is inspiring change in the world.



upholding free-spirited humanitarian philosophy


Giving without expectation for gain, is centred at the very heartbeat of The Healthy Nomad. Its where the threads of motivation, inspiration and purpose thrive, and are deep rooted. We are proud to be catalysts of change, creatively weaving our social enterprise work with authentic footprints of consciousness and social volunteerism keeping the spirit free and alive.





Hello, I'm Nuran.
Welcome to the healthy nomad space!


my roots
From the moment we enter this world our very own unique story begins to take shape. Mine has been a humanitarian one. As time has progressed, different chapters have emerged, some larger than others. I have met various characters along the way, some wise, some that have made me laugh, some that supported my self-cultivation (inside and out) and some that have been not so good.
My story’s meaning, purpose and motivation came through my personal experience of homelessness at the age of 15, and through the loving kindness, support and altruistic nature of my grandmother and father. Defiant to meet myself in this moment and accept with a genuine heart that such an experience was my beauty spot and not a scar, took a lot of inner and outer work, a life lesson for which I am grateful. Life is never easy, but thats the beauty of it! 
This personal experience taught me that how we choose to look at our lives, either through a positive or negative lens, really does influence the direction our story will go. It also taught me the importance of living in a way which upholds respect for humanity and preserves human dignity. Life changes in a moment, catching us when we least expect it; however what remains the same when you strip everything away - the labels, the ego - is that at the core, we are all equal, with beating hearts, breath of life, an outer shell and our radiant spirits.


on the frontline
Your first humanitarian mission will always leave an imprint on your soul. It’s where life learning thrives. However, as a humanitarian, no matter how many missions I have done over the last 20 years in the sector, it never gets easier. Like in life, as layers are peeled away, the learning continues to become harder and more complex. With senses heightened, resilience is tested on a daily basis. With nowhere to run, isolated and far from home, feeling the wide spectrum of emotions including stress, frustration, guilt, and injustice becomes a reality of daily life.
Throughout my journey I found myself bearing witness to the best of humanity and the worst and at times was staring down the barrel challenged by my core principles and values.


turning inwards
Having incorporated in my life a practice of self-care as part of my healing journey from homelessness, I soon came to realise how invaluable it was working in the humanitarian sector, through listening, observing and supporting colleagues and friends over the years. Of course I went through all the same challenges, some of them at great cost to me personally - let’s be real, none of us get a free pass from the highs and lows of the reality of humanitarian work, but for me it just meant living with it differently.  In a working culture that thrives on superhero and superheroine stereotypes, I faced many nights in the field battling against altruistic wounded souls that saw such self-care a luxury rather than an essential accountability to oneself as a humanitarian.
It is important to remember that inside the humanitarian role you carry out every day with passion, is a human being. A person who has feelings, emotions, and desires. A human being that is supported and connected to family and friends. A human being that is worthy of receiving and giving love. Remain grounded in this reality as much as possible. 
As my story evolves it becomes clearer, I realise that when we wholeheartedly give permission to be kind and gentle to ourselves, we are able to capture that feeling, living present in the moment of the story, and a sense of inner connection with the self emerges once again. Drawn to the feeling we have missed so, we find ourselves folding the tops of the pages of the book, compiling memories, moments in time which have touched at our very inner souls, slowly bringing us home to the person who we always knew we were.
light + love.
Nuran xo


professional side
I've spent the majority of my professional career working in conflict, post-conflict & disaster settings, working extensively in Africa, Asia, Pacific and the Middle East in various senior leadership, operational and technical roles.
I hold academic credentials in Public Health and International Community Development and have researched and written extensively on Afghanistan in Women, Peace and Security and humanitarian health interventions in conflict settings. Areas of specialisation include humanitarian-conflict nexus, governance systems strengthening, humanitarian leadership, health systems strengthening, women, peace and security, gender, protection and social inclusion mainstreaming. I've been fortunate to hold academic positions and remain actively engaged as a public speaker on humanitarian topics such as women and leadership in aid, mental health and wellbeing of aid workers through a trauma informed lens. 
I am an active member of global emergency response surge rosters with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), World Health Organization (WHO), United Nations Disaster Assessment Coordination (UNDAC) and RedR Australia. 
spiritual side
For as long as I can remember I have always been a soul drawn to exploring the deeper inner layers of connection with life and the interconnected tapestry between nature, sound, mind and body. In flowing and experiencing all shades life has to offer (good-times, sadness and trauma, the healing and joy), self-learning and lots of experimentation I've learned to attune my senses to trust more in the energetic lifeforce which cant be seen, instead can only be felt. I am a humble student and practising Yoga Teacher (RYT 200hrs), iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher and Integrative Health Coach, I am also currently studying as a Ayurvedic Health Counselor and Sound Bath Facilitator. I give much gratitude and thanks to all my teachers that have shared their deep insight and wisdom with my over the years.
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