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rediscover your feminine leadership essence, mind-body connection and inner rhythm to lead from within, authentically and fearlessly real 

Leadership is a critical factor connected to organisational effectiveness, and those in such roles within the humanitarian and development sector, know that this is no easy task. Leaders within the aid sector today, are often faced with the need to resolve a multiplicity of complex and often paradoxical pressures - think big picture and act rapidly, be a confident decision-maker, flexible and balanced in risk taking. Alongside this, there is the necessity to be self-aware, socially aware, inspire, collaborate and coordinate, build and nurture relationships with multiple stakeholders, and establish authentic trust to develop high performing multi-national leadership teams. As an industry sector in transition, embracing a changing landscape on all levels, 'business as usual' in leading in aid will soon be a thing of the past.  


So, with this in mind, what role will we as women leaders play within the global aid agenda? 


As women leaders how can we act as cataysts for change, in shaping the aid landscape of the future?


How can we as women leaders draw on our innate feminine essence in leading transformative change within the sector to value a more holistic approach to leadership - the self, the team and the organisation. 


Is it possible for us as women leaders to be connected with our feminine self, to live in the now and lead from within, in bringing about positive change in the world?..... hell yeah!


The Women Leading in AidTM mentoring program takes place only one time per year bringing together and connecting a global community of fearlessly real women leaders. During the 6 month intimate journey together we will explore innovative aspects of human-centered leadership, teaming, organisational change & learning. We will focus on heart-centred leadership by reconnecting wholeheartedly with the self and unpack essential elements of holistic health, resilience and wellbeing to be inspired to live and lead from within; to take positive action as inspirational women leaders across the aid sector.


Because, to lead effectively, is a creative art that starts from the inside-out through connection with our feminine rhythmic essence.



                                           Ready for a truly life affirming journey?

           Register below and we will send you a heads up when enrolement opens. 

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