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Show 6: Ebola outbreak special - Medicins Sans Frontieres and People in Aid November 21st, 2014


Since March this year aid workers, both national and international have put their lives at great risk working on the frontline of the ebola outbreak response. Sadly, 8 months on the current response seems to be showing no signs of decline and global stigma surrounding the disease is at an all time high. Emergency AIDio is pleased to pen the discussion up on the ebola response with a panel which will include representatives from MSF and People in Aid.


Panel of guests


Brett Adamson joined MSF in 2008 and is a registered nurse. Brett was recently working as project coordinator for MSF's Ebola Case Management Centre in Monrovia, Liberia. Currently based in Brussels, Brett is responsible for leading MSF's training for the ebola outbreak response.  


Emmanuelle Lacroix has been working in sector since 2005 and joined People in Aid in 2011. In her role as HR Services Manager she leads on learning and facilitating network groups for memebers (face to face/virtually) and general member care.  

Ebola Response Aid Worker Wellness Kit 


are you an aid worker on the frontline responding to the ebola outbreak?




are you an aid organisation with operational presence in West Africa responding to the ebola outbreak?








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Ebola Response

Aid Worker Wellness Kit


Show 5: Social connection - Staying close when apart
October 29th, 2014


With a vision and committment to provide a space for aid workers around the global to critically discuss issues related to aid and development, Brendan Rigby and Weh Yeoh set out to establish Whydev in 2010. Having spent years in the field and learning the hard way the challenges associated with social connection and support, Whydev launched a pilot program in 2012 which aimed to provide peer support to aid workers around the globe. 



Panel of guests


Brendan Rigby is an education specialist and has currently commenced this year with his PhD at Melbourne University in Australia, with a focus on literacy practices in northern Ghana.


Weh Yeoh is a disability specialisy and is currently based in Cambodia where he is leading efforts to train the first generation of Cambodian speech therapists.  

Show 4: Treat your head right
October 10th, 2014

In his early twenties he set out for the himalayas in search of life and to study meditation which saw him ordained as a Tibetean Buddist monk. In 2010 with a passion to make meditation accessible for everybody in their modern day lives. Andy Puddicombe co-founded Headspace. with the belief that there is nothing more precious than treating your head right by looking after the health of the mind, Headspace's digital health platform provides guided meditation sessions for its users to live a happier, healthier, more enjoyable life.   

Show 3: Peace and Healthcare in Armed Conflict
September 21st, 2014


Dr. Hawa Abdi is a Somali human rights activist, physician, founder and chairperson of the Dr. Hawa Abdi foundation, and author of the book Keeping Hope Alive. In 2012, Dr. Hawa was nominated for the nobel peace prize for her extrondinary work and dedication in bringing healthcare to thousands of Somalis affected by war in Somalia.


In 1983, she opened a small clinic in Somalia - which became a refuge as Somalia devolved into civil war in 1991. Decades later, together with her daughters who are also doctors, Dr. Deqo Mohamed, and Dr. Amina Mohamed the one-room clinic has grown to a hospital, a school and a internally displaced persons camp for 90,000 women and children. 

Dr. Hawa Abdi Foundation 
Show 2: Its all about love not war
September 2nd, 2014


Nuran Higgins founder of The Healthy Nomad and host of Emergency AIDio talks about all things love and war in navigating through the minefields of intimate relationships in the world of humanitarian aid



Show 1: Emergency AIDio launch
August 19th, 2014


With a humanitarian career spanning over 15 years working in disaster affected and conflict zones, Dr. Jemilah Mahmood a medical physician is a well respected humanitarian leader that is known for her extrodinary contribution within the sector and challenging the status qou.


In 1999, Dr. Jemilah founded MERCY Malaysia, a well respected international NGO based in the South. Dr. Jemilah's current role is the Head of the World Humanitarian Summit Secretariat, based at the United Nations in New York.



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