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Whether you’ve been field based for many years rotating from one country to another and are feeling overwhelmed what lies ahead in your life journey; or you've established a base in one location and are struggling to establish a routine adaptive to your lifestyle that sees you move frequently from country to country on short term deployments, this program is made just for you!. The reality is, any type of transition regardless of location brings with it an element of fear of the unknown. However taking that leep of faith to move beyond fear and embrace curosity of the infinite possibilities that lie ahead in creating a life you love is where the magic lies. The personalised transitioning & transcending borders program will support you in taking that step forward towards living a life you love filled with purpose and passion while maintaining a sense of health and wellbeing. The personalised program incorporates a combination of key elements essential to transitioning, transcending borders in aid that have been tried & tested, restorative and contemplative practices, informed evidence theory and experiential skills building. Such approaches will provide you with a solid foundation that will see you better equipped to thrive in life and feeling a sense of wellbeing and contentment. 



The Transitioning, Transcending Borders in AidTM program is designed for individuals working for humanitarian, development and community organisations that want to rediscover their inner human essence, explore possibilities to cultivate transformative change and learn how to gain greater clarity and interconnectedness with their mind + body + spirit.


Transition the process or period of change from one thing to the next, either in action or state of being

Transcendto rise above or go beyond the range of limits. 



Option 1:

Transitioning, Transcending Borders in Aid Intensive - 2 days 

private sessions (in person or virtual) - various locations globally


When was the last time you dedicated two whole days to yourself with an expert? Time to purely focus on you, unlocking your desires and dreams, opening your heart to the potential that awaits and redirecting loving-kindness towards your inner essence as you meet yourself at this stage of your life's journey.


Maximising the time we spend together through the TTBiA intensive program, you will be guided and supported in areas in your life that require the most attention as you transition and transcend borders, giving you greater clarity and direction. Choose from a number of locations globally on offer that work best for you. 


Option 2:

Transitioning, Transcending Borders in Aid Support - 4 Months

private monthly or fortnightly sessions (skype or zoom)


If your looking for guidance and support spread out over a much longer period of time then the TTBiA support program may just be the perfect fit for you. Over a period of four months you will receive 8 X 50 minute sessions via Skype. This will also allow you sufficient time in between sessions to explore a deeper a sense of connection with your inner essence, as you weave in the practices and information gained towards a journey of transformative change.


During the course of the program we will focus on exploring key areas such as;




setting the stage by grounding with intention, reconnecting with meaning and purpose


reflection and surrender 

standing true in the now, reflect on your aid worker journey and the personal and professional divides 


loving-kindness and harmony

embracing self-compassion through experiences of transition and change, integration of mind-body-spirit for living in greater harmony


manifest and transform

crafting your unique approach to transitioning, transcending borders that empowers and strengthens seed security, social connections and your lifestyle   



Giving back is embodided within The Healthy Nomad's DNA. Our goal is to not only support you in your journey in life, but also to ensure that as humanity we all have the power to do good, be well and live a life we love. We believe that education has the power to transform greater conciousness and ignite personal and social action for change that empowers us as humanity to live wholeheartedly.


We are honoured to be a proud partner of the Diaspora Action Australia, so when you invest in your journey you are also contributing to the ripple effect of social change by being connected to a humanity-centred movement!


You can learn more about the Diaspora Action Australia and how we give back here. 



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